EDitorial ± 2-Nov-2007

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Crow's Nest

Should you find last week's Ferry Cafe too upmarket, then do as Martin "ABC" Fry-Up does and go from one extreme to another. Direct yourself dockwards and swim past the River Of Life into the appositely named Viewpoint Road, venue and vantage point of the Crow's Nest. As ever, check BoytonBoy's map.

Technically, you've entered the John Bradfield viewing area for "the largest container port in the UK" -- parking is free, there's big boats to see, so grab a tea. There's a lovely lady behind the counter who'll do you a hot mug, a slab of cake, or summat savoury. We had various varieties of all day breakfasts in a French stick: do you want your egg runny or hard, darling? Squeeze your own ketchup or mustard. Whole enterprise is quintessentially English.

Outdoor seating takes the form of two metal tables and bags of benches; indoor seating is provided courtesy of your own car. Had we been paying more attention while filling our faces with baguette, we'd have witnessed the departure of BG Antwerp (6362 gross tonnage, 121m long) to Cork at 12:37pm. Thank you, Port of Felixstowe website's sailing schedule. They've even got a webcam, you know.

Come here in the seasons that start with an "S" and you can catch the foot ferry over to Harwich or Shotley. Take your bike for a couple of quid more and continue on the Roswellian route 51. While you're waiting, try the home made bread pudding. It truly is the foodstuff that keeps on giving.

If it was a car -- Land Rover Series III.
If they were passing by -- James Bolam.