EDitorial ± 19-Nov-2007

TT0708, Week 10

No Andy again tonight -- couldn't risk spoiling that 100% -- so step forward (brain)AKE, comprising Arv, Kev and Ed. And what a start, (brain)storming into a faultless lead. That pre-match idle talk of a white(brain)wash might not have been quite so idle after all.

Then, snap, something gave. In a (brain)teasing back and forth match, Arvind went to five ends against mobility-impaired Eddie, losing out 11-9. Only The Viper's second loss of the season, so quite a scalp for Eddie.

Snap again: Kev played out of his (brain)box against Eddie -- ITMA -- before also going down 11-9 while pleading the fifth.

Showing great (brains)trust and with my own 100% record still not (brain)dead, I stepped out of the doubles to let A&K strut their stuff. Dodgy start, then they came good. Thankfully.

Final (brain)damage: a bifurcated 2 to them, 2 cubed to us.