EDitorial ± 17-Dec-2007

TT0708, KO Cup, Round 1

So as well as the regular weekly-ish league TT games, there's an annual competition called the Knock Out Cup. Which, fact fans, we, the mighty BT Defiants, won way back in the 1996-1997 season. Of course, that was before the Sky silly money came in. Ha.

Twist is that any side in any of the four leagues (from Premier down to Div 3, our current hang-out) can enter. To make things fair, each side is then allocated a handicap, e.g. they must hop during rallies or shout out ascending numbers in the Fibbonacci sequence every other shot. Or, for this season, the points are adjusted after every game.

After we triumphed in '97 -- have I mentioned that already? -- we could never capture the same form and crashed out in early rounds. Eventually we stopped going in for it. Until this year.

As it happens, first round sees us drawn against another team from the depths of the league, i.e. in the same bottom division as us. They've got two slight advantages:

  1. effectively a five point start per game
  2. no Kev tonight so Grenvyle's kindly stepped in

Nonetheless we beat 'em. Eventually. But not without a few scares. Round 2, here we come.