EDitorial ± 7-Feb-2008

TT0708, Week 18

Was already running late en route to ping pong. And once you're late, you don't get any earlier. Thinking ahead to the Tiles, stopped at a cashpoint and slotted in my card. In with the PIN, I'll have £XX please, and nowt happens. Will it retain my card? What's it doing? What's it thinking? After what felt like two minutes, it spat out my card, no cash, saying "Sorry, there is a fault with this machine". Weird. So into Co-op for choccy malted milk biscuits and to take advantage of some Alan Partridge style cashback. No surprise to receive Andy's standard On My Way SMS while waiting in queue.

Arrived to find Kev well into his opening game, struggling with Jim's super sidespin serves. He blatted some back v. effectively but went down 3-1. Cutting to the chase, we won all the remaining games: aren't we great? That'd be eight singles and one doubles (K&A's turn), each one of us playing well. Though, as Andy observed, tonight's opposition most likely had about 200 years between them.

Kev was obviously inspired by the self-help video on his iTouch, How To Succeed At Table Tennis. Andy has the sequel which has the same title but with the additional tag Without Really Trying.

NB Pic showing BROOM E F of RT5643 is from an ancient email that I sent way in 1989, nearly 20 years ago. Distribution list was:

  • COCKERILL K -- Kev!
  • OXBORROW A M -- Andy O.
  • ROB_S -- Rob Sherratt
  • G_SCOTT -- Grenvyle!
  • STEWARD M J -- Matty S.

I'm asking for £6.58 per player for TT subs. And to demonstrate that some things never change, the subject line reads Defiants Are Go!