EDitorial ± 11-Feb-2008

TT0708, Week 19

Back in mid October, we were fortunate to thrash the Owls of Hadleigh 10-0 (ten-nil, confirms the BBC final score videprinter). That was with me, Andy and Arvind, ex of this parish. Surely we couldn't repeat such a result with Kev in the team?

Some concern at first that we might be locked out of Holton St Mary village hall, situated in central Nowheresville. Then good old Rupert located a key, and in we trooped.

Here's how the games panned out: 1-0 to us, 2-0, 3-0, ... -- see a pattern? -- 7-0, 8-0, 9-0. All nine singles went our way, including a landmark three for Kev: neither he nor Andy lost an end ... unlike me, giving one away to Rupert. I felt obliged to decline my place in the doubles, but ended up accompanying Kev to another win. Result: 10-0, again.

Sure wasn't like this same time last season.