EDitorial ± 18-Feb-2008

See Films Differently: Bourne Identity

Half term trip last week for some family flicks: our chosen film, Alvin & The Chipmunks. Among the lead-in ads was one where a bloke sits talking about Die Hard, about how it's an anti-fashion film. Funny enough.

It's from a VW endorsed campaign entitled See Films Differently, apparently, and I see the next day that there's a tie in competition. You have to write your own take on what's going on in any film. I can do that, I think. One late night and several takes on, here's my tuppence halfpenny on why The Bourne Identity is really a straightforward remake of ... Finding Nemo:

And in anticipation of the inevitable two disc DVD edition, some out-takes:

You think you can do these things, Ed, but you just can't.