EDitorial ± 26-Feb-2008

TT0708, Week 15

Concerned that we might only field two players against Sidegate Lane, we agreed a postponement and arranged to play a previously called-off game instead. With Andy "unavailable", i.e. anxious to protect his sub prime average, our line up heralded from the golden age of the Defiants: me, Kev and Grenvyle (free to turn out due to it NOT being a dialysis night).

Some 22 minutes before the official match kick-off, caffeinated Kev calls off due to family illness:

  • there's me, at home, waiting for wifey & child before I can head out
  • there's Grenvyle, all on his Toblerone, waiting for company

I arrive 8:20-ish to see big G. playing his 3rd game on the trot while claiming his 2nd point of the night: that equals (if not betters) his total points tally over the past three seasons. I kidney you not. Plus, the one he lost went to a deuce in the fifth end, not unlike someone last week.

Straight ends wins for me -- hey, they're a weak side, bless 'em -- and Kev's absence greatly simplified the doubles selection process. Did our best to lose the twosomes, again going to deuce in the fifth, then came good. Thus with only a brace of bats, we held on to our unbeaten record. Go us!