EDitorial ± 13-Mar-2008

TT0708, Week 23

Limbered up en route to the game with Black Dyke blasting out The Frogs Of Aristophanes -- that'd be the test piece from the 1952 brass band nationals -- followed by The Divine Comedy's Frog Princess.

We'd been looking forward to a challenging match against Trimley's Dennis: he's their main (frog)man. Alas, he couldn't make it. Probably choked and hid under his lily pad when he saw our names.

Which left their Eddie to leap(frog) to the rescue and grab their only point of the night against Kev. He also took an end off Andy and coulda shoulda had one off me too, as should Eric.

Maybe Andy's (frog)legs had gone, but he generously sacrificed his doubles place so that others, i.e. Kev and me, might play. We won that too, no bull(frog).

Defiants (frog)march on. Ribbit!