EDitorial ± 10-Jun-2008

Mishoard: Ipswich Crab Tide Error


There was chaos and confusion at the Ipswich waterfront early this morning when large waves washed up hundreds of live crustaceans in to boats and on to jetties & walkways. None of the usual defences were in place since the so-called "crab tide" was not expected to occur for another five months.

As of lunchtime today, the Borough Council website still gives a date of 6th November for this irregular event. Milton Cowper, a council spokesman, said: "Investigations are ongoing but we suspect a typographic date error by an American temporary employee." With the great shellfish clear-up continuing, both the Bistro On The Quay and Il Punto are offering to pay cash for good quality crabs.

(original Evening Star hoarding: IPSWICH CAB RIDE TERROR)