EDitorial ± 17-Nov-2008

TT0809, Week 10

I'm not being funny but the fact of the matter is that tonight, Team Defiants let themselves down. To be fair, the oppos, Pickwicks, gave 110% and deserved their win. By the end of play, we were down, depressed and defeated.

Last week we'd all been in tune, singing from the same hymn sheet, you know? Actually we had a solid start, Ed cruising past Early George. Going forward, hopes were high before Kev came undone and took one in the eye against Big Mark. And let's face it, Rob is the first to admit that he's slow off the blocks, so no great surprise when he lost his first to a sharp-bladed Gillette John.

I screwed up against Big Mark; can't get my head round it. Rob struggled against their weakest player, to be honest, though eventually won out. Like Rob, Kev had brought his own fan -- hi, Neil -- but another loss was in the pipeline as our man threw away a 10-8 lead. Basically it was bad to worse as Rob blipped out v. Big Mark. We were all guilty of giving away stupid points at crucial times: lessons will be learned, I'm sure.

Keen to win his final game, the reason being that both Ed and Rob had already beaten this guy, Kev touched base with Neil, the latter advocating a raft of proposals, e.g. stay in focus, keep it simple, etc. Demonstrating that he doesn't just talk the talk, Kev came up trumps, securing a much needed team point. We rolled out coins to decide who'd double up, Rob losing out, leaving Kev and Ed to win the first before going down in the next three.

At the end of the day, we were, quite literally, pants. This write-up contains all 20 of your most hated cliches.