EDitorial ± 28-Nov-2008

Light Lunches: Bridge Street Cafe, Framlingham

Not a nice November day, and a free Framlingham parking spot, much like a good man, is hard to find. No solace at the Almshouses, nor at the market square: set your controls for the heart of the Solar car park. Riverside stroll -- Grenvyle on a go-slow -- brings us to a T-junction and it's a right turn, sidestepping the Pizza & Grill and into the geographically named Bridge Street Cafe.

Neon signs proclaim OPEN (in red) and BREAKFAST ALL DAY (in blue). Everything you could need to know is on the big white board, from bacon baps to butties. We're simultaneously a stone's throw and a million miles away from Kitty's. Two of us are reminded of another unassuming eatery, namely Felixstowe's Family Cafe.

Jacket for me, with bacon & onion (odd combo), and a naked side salad. Does the job, washed down with a cold can. Service at the BSC is pleasantly absent-minded, but nobody's complaining, and most if not all other tables are taken. Take a house point for today's EADT on the counter, plus a few Gok Wan mags. Got an idea that, in a former life, this was called Jackie's. Definitely been renamed / taken over since we first did the Fram thing back in the summer.

Always good IMHO to see a variety of choccy bars (Mars Bars, etc) behind the counter, though there's also a compact cake cabinet gazing longingly into the street. Umpteen varieties of shortbread on offer. Mine's the maple slice with a macchiato. Need those calories for the long journey back.

If it was a car -- Fiat Fiorino.
If they were passing by -- Marc Warren.