EDitorial ± 5-Jan-2009

IpsArtLego: Ipswich Public Art In Lego

IpsArtLego, The Logo

Way, way back in the 90s, before Google, there was very little of worth about Ipswich on what we used to call the world wide web. There was, however, a shiny exception, named Ipsart.

Ipsart was a small but perfectly formed website created by a chap named Jonathan Clift. Disappointed with what he could find about local artists on the web, he came to this creative conclusion:

"So, I thought I'd have a go myself"

Jonathan's site took you on a miniature "grand tour" of public art in the town, from that enigmatic shape on the Civic Drive roundabout to the stained glass at Suffolk College. Each page had a brief description plus photo. Informative & minimal: what more could you need?

Now's an appropriate time for me to pay tribute to the now-retired Ipsart in my own bricky way.

Welcome to IpsartLego.