EDitorial ± 6-Jan-2009

TT0809, Week 14

Six below when I got in the motor tonight, and there's a (ch)ill wind blowing through our once proud team:

  • Andy is first to lay, opening with a solid hand of worsening back pain
  • Rob sees the back pain and raises a serious chest infection
  • Grenvyle plays his wildcard of ultra-low blood pressure necessitating a 999 home visit on New Year's Day

Naturally, then, it's Ed, Kev and ... "Holby" Grenvyle who drag themselves out into the cold, cold night to kick off the second half of the season. Let's keep this brief: null/nil/nada points for Kev, distracted by (a) that Walker's competition and (b) the thought of a chocolate digestive (winners and guests only), ditto for Grenvyle, though kudos for not passing out, and thankfully an untroubled hat trick for Ed.

And yet another case of shoulda woulda coulda in the doubles. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.