EDitorial ± 21-Jan-2009

TT0809, Week 16

So you wanna be a boxer, wanna be a champ? Take a lesson from Rampaging Rob, who's clearly laid off the George Foreman grill: now a lightweight (though not in the Alan Sugar sense), he turned in a heavyweight performance to gain his second maximum on the trot. Particularly good bodywork against Defensive Dave, pulling himself off the canvas to land the killer blow in the 15th round. Quite a scalp, beating DD: the bigger they are ... Then, breathing hard, he refused help from his corner, insisting that he was good for another bout which again went the distance.

Maybe Killer Kev accepted a back-hander pre-game, going down far too easily against Bad Boy Basim and thrusting forward his glass chin against Slugger Simon. A tad ring-rusty, he needs more sparring against quality opposition.

Routine win for Bodley Ed v. The Slugger, then punch for punch with a much improved Bad Boy before going down to a cruel TKO. Final bout saw DD briefly down before his inevitable Rocky-style comeback.

All-in tag doubles swung their way -- kerpow -- then ours -- skidoosh -- before ultimate defeat. We coulda been somebody; we coulda been contenders.