EDitorial ± 30-Jan-2009

Light Lunches: Woodbridge Quality Fish & Chips

I'm trying to figure out why it's been a sizeable seven weeks since our last Friday review, back on 12-Dec at the Orwell Crossing. Following Friday we revisited The Oaks to present them with a Best Of Felixstowe award, then, I guess, Christmas/NY happened. NB thanks to MLB for an unsolicited guest review from Dunwich. Nobody much was around at the same time in early January, and certain parties went off-limits for some fine food at the Leaping Hare: they know who they are. My keyboard's clicking but all you hear is blah blah blah.

So it's vamos and allons-y to Ye Olde Wooden Bridge. We've long since done all the coffee shops in Woodbridge, and now it's time to tick off a faster food outlet: we hope it's chips. Sharp left at The Seal into Old Barack Obama Road -- president's parking only -- past the Co-op and left again by the row of shops. Plenty of parking facing a motley assortment of establishments inc. the Balti Balash, an insurance broker, and the Happy Haddock, aka the Cheerful Cod, aka the Pleased Plaice, though really Quality Fish & Chips.

There's kebabs and wraps on offer, but we play safe with the eponymous F&C. Cod for me (c/w 25p Ketchup), custom cooked haddock for Grenvyle. Inside are some interesting old postcards of Woodbridge -- take a house point for relevance -- though I'm slightly perturbed by the sheet in the window headed "Missing Cat". Wise to avoid the battered sausage.

Place is filling up by the time we take away our wrapped offerings. Sun's out and off we head to Petula Clarkville, down by the Riverside then up & over the footbridge. There's a four-sided shelter on the walkway with an unbeatable view of the Tide Mill, yet somehow we contrive to remain in the wind. And boy, is it cold, rapidly cooling both fish and digits, a long way from the post-Melton Fish Bar October warmth of Kingston Fields. Brainwave of mine to head inside for a warming coffee 'n' cake at the Whistlestop and to watch Grenvyle's fingers do the hypercolour shuffle from ultra-violet to infra-pink.

If it was a car -- Peugeot Expert.
If they were passing by -- Danny Baker.