EDitorial ± 10-Mar-2009

TT0809, Week 23

IrREGular line-up of Rob/Ed/Grenvyle was hand-selected to pit our wits versus Pickwicks, named after that rarest of commodities, a local coffee shop (in Stowmarket) which we haven't yet reviewed. Its time will come.

Despite three straight wins, expectations weren't great for tonight's result, what with (a) having been stuffed by this lot back in November and (b) seeing that they comprised The Cook, The Chaplin and John G., The Best A Man Can Get.

It wasn't the best of times for Grenvyle, going down 11-0 in the very first end and all but collapsing afterwards. That was as nothing compared to the hard times experienced by The Chaplin, barely able to complete his first game against Rob before retiring midway through game two and conceding the rest. Never good to capitalise on someone's misfortune, but that handed us three Scrooge-like points. And Rob insists he's good for a personal point since the game was underway at the time. Let's see what the div sec decides.

Not a good evening for our mutual friend, John G, losing 3-1 to Ed. He then fluffed two matchpoints against Rob in game three, our man demonstrating his Chuzzlewit to gain an improbable victory. We won't dwell on The Cook's weighty hat trick. Quick mention, though, for a 3-0 doubles for Chalky Ed and Cheesy Rob, sealing another overall win: God bless us, everyone.