EDitorial ± 12-Mar-2009

TT0809, Week 15

Defiants descended on Hadleigh
Having recently played none too badly
Ed, Grenvyle and Kevin
First up to eleven
It didn't work out for us, sadly

First up to bat, Puma Ed
Put off by the fan overhead
As if under by a curse
He got worse and worse
Not at the races, they said

From A&E, it's Grenvyle Scott
His blood pressure's going to pot
In the final analysis
He needs more dialysis
We should sub him with that Martin Spott

Come on Kev, get a point on the card
Don't leave us emotionally scarred
The odd shot was on song
But the kids proved too strong
Did his best, gave it all, played damn hard

We thought we were in with a shout
We even looked forward to the bout
Down at Holton St Mary
Our form was contrary
Defiants scored nil, nada, nowt