EDitorial ± 14-Apr-2009

TT0809, Week 12

What a match. Team who'd gone down badly in the first game came sprinting out of the blocks to take an early and unexpected lead, then got pegged back and ultimately defeated. Enough about that other match tonight, the remarkable 4-4 game between Chelsea and Liverpool: how did those daring Defiants do?

Up against Burch, Strutt and Pulham, executioners by appointment to Her Majesty, and it's balmy in the hut. First blood to us, Ed gliding regally past Brian. No surprise when Grenvyle, Prince of Scotts, levelled the score. And then, with timing fit for a coronation, enter King Kev. He waved, he weaved, he had a matchpoint ... and blew it, like a Prince Philip remark. Ah, how different the principality might have looked had he won.

Ed puffed and panted and handed his unbeaten crown to Colin, Strutting like a peacock. Breakdown of the monarchy ensued, though Grenvyle did land a couple of ends. Here's Ed to claim another remote colony, momentarily making St Margaret's regret their decision to bring back the Burch.

Last game of the night and a chance for Ed & Kev to disprove the popular notion that they can't play doubles, with Grenvyle's dead leg providing the scoring. We're up 2-1, they win the 4th to take us into the 5th. Which we lose. Still, time to make it to the empty bar to catch the first half highlights.