EDitorial ± 22-Oct-2009

Ipswich Lunches: Edward's

Me, myself, Ipswich. Memo to moi -- it's all about old little me. Disappointingly, there's no sign in town of a Cafe Freston (home of the six layer Burger Tower) nor the Broom Brasserie (site of the Sensational SandWitch), leaving one possibility -- Edward's. BTW, a little bird tells me that this place is due for an imminent refurb which will most likely spell the end of the current kingly name. Let the record show it was still regally titled on our state visit.

Following the Institute and the St Lawrence Centre, this is Grenvyle's hat trick nomination, his nose for a bargain having already been drawn in by the poster proclaiming a pot of tea for 89p. When I ambled in, he was already ensconced on a comfy sofa selecting his mains. Ample venue, handful of customers: I wouldn't have blamed the bloke behind the bar for being a bit grumpy, but he was most cheerful and helpful. Big green ticks for selection of (a) soft drinks, inc. Pepsi Raw and fizzy fruity Suso, and (b) reading material, inc. newspapers and trash mags.

Bit like Museum Street, there's a steady stream of borough buses, what with the stop right outside. Time to absently watch a few MOR pop vids (Coldplay, Maroon 5, that Put Your Records On girl) on a big screen before food came, a Reggae Reggae chicken baguette with chips and lightly dressed leaves. Most acceptable. Kept trying to remember what was where when this was Everybody's Hobbies, full of Scalextric, balsa wood and N-gauge locos.

Odd that they don't attract more people here of a lunchtime, given its central location down from the library and the more than reasonable prices. Being a pub, maybe it comes alive of an evening. No complaints about my 89p cafetiere either, enough for two cups. Had I wanted, I could have helped myself to a free satsuma from a bowl on the counter. Oranges aren't only for Wednesdays.

If it was a car -- Renault Espace II.
If they were passing by -- Mike Liggins.