EDitorial ± 12-Feb-2010

Woodbridge Light Lunches: The Moorish Lounge

Clever headline in the Guardian from when Lenny Henry played Othello said:

An Audience With The Dudley Moor

Which brings us in a mini roundabout near Notcutts way to The Moorish Lounge, our first time back in Woodbridge for yonks. Replacing the venerable Captain's Table -- you know, a short walk up from the Riverside -- it's only recently opened. Appealing name and setting: curiously, a sign by the entrance is pushing "coffee and cake."

Our party of four quickly becomes five, then six, a record attendance. Helpful waiter and waitress hold our hands through the Med-style menu where the idea, like Saints, is to mix and match two or more dishes. Some are ordering individually, others are sharing. Visions of that scene in Gavin & Stacey where everyone's choosing Indian takeaway only for Smithy to take exception:

They're all dipping into mine going "Oh, yours is really nice!" I'm like, "Yes it is, that's why I ordered it!"

Maybe 'cos I was hungry already, but a few complimentary olives would have been pleasant while we were waiting. Anyway, here's our homemade flat breads, a Scrabblicious herby quinoa tabbouleh and a chicken, chorizo & cannellini tajine -- none too generous, that tajine, though all very flavourful.

Desserts are restaurant-priced at a fiver a pop, so let's opt for teas and coffees instead. Place is filling up nicely by now. We wait, and wait, but there's kids to pick up and offices demanding our return, etc. Drinks to go would be fine and yet there's no real sign of our assorted beverages as we settle up. And then one of us is overcharged thanks to some dodgy maths. In the future, they may improve; for now, it's a bit of a mezze.

If it was a car -- Renault 4.
If they were passing by -- Omid Djalili.