EDitorial ± 16-Feb-2010

TT0910, Week 20

Yeah yeah yeah, history is bunk and all that, but last time round we drew against this lot. For tonight's away leg, our top team were on show: that'd be Andy, Anshul and Ed, in strictly alphabetic order. As Danny Baker would say, Nothing Can Go Wrong Now.

Except that I acted on some bad information and went to the wrong venue. By the time I got to Ransomes, Anshul was 2-0 down but then showed considerable bottle to come back and win 3-2. That's the spirit. Next up, Andy: great game against wily Ken but went down in the 5th. No shame in that. Ditto Ed's first game, another coulda-been five-ender against tenacious Pete. So that's the opening trio of games all gone to five ends and us losing 2-1.

Curiously, the next five games were all over in straight games, including most notably:

  • Pete v. Andy: momentous opening end finishing 21-19 to Pete; you only need 11 points these days
  • Ed v. Brian: a win!

With maximums for two of our opponents, surely Andy could ensure that Brian went home with nothing? Terrific game, very fast, but you could almost tell that their man wanted it more ... which meant that Anshul and Ed (unbeaten in doubles for 2009) paired up to wallop Brian/Ken and land a consolation third point. Final score: 7-3 to them. Our collective mojo is sinking.