EDitorial ± 22-Feb-2010

John Hegley, The Maltings, Ely

It's entirely possible that I may have written about John Hegley once or twice before:

By now, I hope you'd know that he's a rhymin' Simon, not adverse to a verse, the Mario Lanza of the mesmeric stanza. Think of a word, double it, he'll couplet. Yes, a real live says so on his passport P-O-E-T. Check out this 80 second YouTube clip for a sample.

Three of us Hegley hangers-on -- me, G. and Eldest -- hot-footed it to touchy-feely Ely. In to the Maltings, grab good seats and here's the main man and some other bloke playing a double bass, of course. This was Keith Moore, unsung accompanist and occasional euphonium player, underpinning the main man's mandolin strumming.

Nominally, tonight's performance was titled Monsieur Robinet, to do with John's paternal French heritage, hence the title of one song, Bob At Work. More familial works included Grandmere, lovely, and Angie Boo, about his sister. Plenty of old faves too with Eddie, Armadillo, Luton Bungalow and a riotous Max The Dog. My highlight was the the John Cooper Clarke rap of Guillemot (I Don't Eat Krill A Lot), with the great man set free to strut the stage with a mic while Keith riffed along. What an inspiration.