EDitorial ± 9-Mar-2010

TT0910, Week 23

So that'd be three wins on the bounce. Well done, us.

Anshul / Ed / Andy (ordered by average) on parade again and in full effect. Mostly. First five games to us, bish bosh.

That was before Mighty Mick Talbot (already beaten by Ed) stepped up to be counted. Biff, he outpointed Andy in the fifth end. Bam, another five ends against Anshul, who pulls away in the decider to go 10-4 up. Nothing can go wrong now as Anshul's on for his hat trick. Unbelievably, Mick drags it back to deuce and saves yet another matchpoint before putting Anshul out of his misery. Quality comeback, that one.

Doubles turnout for Ed and Andy. Did our best to make a game of it, and won.