EDitorial ± 16-Mar-2010

TT0910, Week 24

Having last week played the only team below us in the league, tonight we're up against the team immmediately above us, i.e. third bottom. These are relegation dogfights, and none of us think we should be in this position -- like Newcastle, we're too big to go down.

Andy unwell so v. good of Rene to step in and join Ed & Anshul up at The Dome. Bad news from the off with the sight of Chuggington Boyland and Looping Colin. Gonna be a tough night, esp. with Anshul's get-up-and-go having got up and gone.

In brief: none of us got close to Mark or Colin, but we all took the points off a despondent Bill. Rene's point gained him automatic entry to the doubles, joined by Ed on a coin toss. Only five-ender of the night ... and we lost. Not a great result as we continue our fight for survival in division 2.