EDitorial ± 11-Jun-2010

Ipswich Lunches: Cafe Jam

Get on board, get on board, get on board with the double deckers. Treated to two-tiered transport from rural MH to urban IP4 courtesy of Ipswich buses. To the station, then pushbikes past Pals and along Tacket Street to the welcoming bikelock bars facing The Dhaka. All secure, in through the blue door: advice & assistance obtainable immediately. A-ha, Cafe Jam, exactly the size it appeared to be from the outside.

All tables occupied so best we take the window seats looking out on the Spread Eagle, nearly able to reach out and touch neighbouring Origo. Like Janet's further up The Wash, they don't need no stinkin' menus. Saul on the wall, Paul. There's "proper meals", rump steak included, though I'd speculate that most folk plump for an ADB of some sort. I'll restrict myself to the egg, beans and chips for a bargainous £2.99, plus a Drench from the well-stocked fridge. Bonus point for selling Barr shandy. No sign, alas, of the hen's tooth that is Red Kola.

Sure that when we kicked off this light lunch thang, this place was known as Manna's. Prior to that, Kelly's tell me, it was the aptly named Corner Cafe for bleating Eeyore's years. Whatever, it does the job. Really enjoyed those chips with some squeezy brown condiment. Plus there's the odd paper (today's!) or freebie magazine (such as IP1) to browse.

Didn't make a fool of ourselves and ask for a macchiato here. Piano player in the corner would have stopped mid-tune just like that. No sirree, a mug of coffee for a quid will do, thank you kindly. Not up to the syrup sponge, today. Cafe Jam -- deserves to be preserved.

If it was a car -- Morris Cowley.
If they were passing by -- Mick Stockwell.