EDitorial ± 25-Jun-2010

What Dads Do 2

Dads are great:

  • Sunday
    • Daughter asks Dad to pre-order the new Lego / Harry Potter Wii game
    • Dad ums and ahs and does nothing
  • Tuesday
    • Daughter reminds Dad to place his order so it'll come for Friday
    • Dad does his usual price comparison procrastination and goes with Amazon
  • Wednesday
    • Daughter checks that Dad has done his bit
    • Dad happily confirms
  • Friday
    • Dad heads off to work way before lunchtime post
    • Daughter Skypes Dad at 3:30pm asking where game is
    • Dad asks Daughter if she's checked the post
    • Daughter confirms no sign of game
    • Dad rechecks Amazon order and finds estimated arrival date is next Wednesday
    • Dad says that parcels sometimes get delivered late pm and not to give up
    • Daughter sighs and is unimpressed
    • Dad discovers online that Sainsburys are selling HP Lego for £24.99
    • Dad phones Sainsburys on outskirts of town and reserves a copy
    • Dad plots cycle route to Sainsburys avoiding A-roads and rat runs
    • Dad bikes along country roads in the heat to Sainsburys and buys HP Lego
    • Dad cycles home
    • Daughter reconfirms that game hasn't turned up
    • Dad offers his lame "late parcels" line
    • Dad seals Sainsburys HP Lego in saved brown mail packet
    • Dad nips out back door, places mail packet in porch and rings bell
    • Dad hears shouts of joy from inside
  • Saturday
    • Dad finds new post in porch including Amazon copy of HP Lego

Dad saves world, again.