EDitorial ± 24-Sep-2010

Felixstowe Light Lunches: East Coast Quilting

Reports of a new coffee shop stroke tea room stroke caff are always received with great interest by the Light Lunch First XI, even more so when it's sited in such well-trodden places like The 'Bridge or The 'Stowe. We're still getting to grips with The 'Swich, truth be told. So when Andy sighted potential unpatronised premises, we flew there like twitchers to a red backed shrike.

First up, let's nail the location. We took the Trimley turn off the A14 then headed left, along the neverending High Road, in the general direction of Felixstowe. Somewhere up here on the left, remarked the driver, as we passed The Blue Cross on the right. Prayers answered, we were given a sign: it said TEA ROOM NOW OPEN. I thought this was Trimley St Mary but it isn't, it's Walton, apparently.

That chalkboard sign was propped up against a shop, East Coast Quilting. Wot? Another unholy melange like Tea & Antiques? Tables are through the back, said the nice lady: go through and I'll get you a menu. Sashay past the silks and thread our way past the reels, and here's two tables. Quality tablecloth, better than we're used to.

One of us (not me) had the foresight to ring ahead, so we were pre-warned (unlike the Moon & Sixpence) about the lack of savouries. Sorry, no scones today, either. Never fear, slice of be-Tupperware-d Vic sponge and two for tea, please. Stupendous patchwork to admire on the wall during brewing-up time.

Quick chat revealed that people can travel quite a way to fulfil their quilt quota, and those folk are often gagging for a cuppa when they arrive, hence the minimal set-up. Good tea, good cake. Then over the road for takeaway goodies from The Bread Basket to be greedily consumed at a cheekily borrowed table outside The Half Moon.

If it was a car -- Singer Vogue.
If they were passing by -- Susan Sarandon.