EDitorial ± 8-Feb-2011

TT1011, Week 18

Enforced squad rotation this week with Andy C. (slight cold) dropping out. Fortunately we can call on another player -- that's 'Andy, the other one. He'll join Ed and Rene, making his first appearance since late November. Scraped a draw against the wizarding Merlins up at their pad. They're a tricky bunch, though, cannier than a Crosse & Blackwell factory.

Started gone 7:45pm and was all over by 9:15pm. PC Andy didn't detain the opposition, while Rene went to four ends against Nicola and Mick before skipping off on his dodgy Achilles. That left Ed to claim the team's only three points with straight wins including a Tonka tough game against Paul.

Doubles pairing of Andy and Ed couldn't keep pace with Nicola and Paul: another victory for the Merlins who remain, like the waves, above us.