EDitorial ± 25-Oct-2011

TT1112, Week 7

Nearly November and only our second game of the season. Partly our fault, being two matches behind, but partly the league's, since there's four blank week in division 3. Ah, the good old days when we'd play each and every week barely stopping for Christmas.

Andy remains otherwise engaged so it's the Loachian K/E/S trilogy of Kennedy, Ed and Steve, as seen on Langer Road. Home match -- must get a new AA for that clock -- and we're up against the Cormorants. Given their first names of Bernie, Barry and Brian, they really should be known as Britannia Bric-A-Brac. In brief:

  • Ed got all three without dropping an end, somehow
  • Kennedy also got all three, again, dropping just one end to Bernie
  • Steve easily won his first two games -- he was 10-0 up playing Barry -- then came unstuck against ever-improving Bernie despite a 15-13 first end win

As per our previous game, Steve stepped aside to let Ed and Kennedy claim our 9th point of the evening. Two games played, 9-1 each time. All good.