EDitorial ± 17-Jan-2012

TT1112, Week 13

Big, big game tonight, the equivalent of the Manchester derby, with the team in first place (us!) up against the team in second (Hadleigh). Thinking of the bigger picture, Andy gracefully deselected himself leaving Ed, Kennedy and Steve. If any extra motivation were needed, Hadleigh's team included one Mick Pollard, unbeaten this season. Tasty. In brief:

  • maximum for Ed -- yes! -- spinning past Mick's pimply penhold in the opening encounter before looping round good ol' Ken and Rupert
  • brace for Kennedy, losing 11-8 to Mick in the fifth end but doing well to knuckle down and defeat Ken over five ends
  • none for Steve, his first duck this year: lost 11-9 to Ken in the fifth end of an epic match with four deuces, then succumbed to Mick and Rupert

Ahead 5-4 going into the doubles, 10:30pm, and the Ed/Kennedy combination blew hot and cold against that of Ken/Mick, a clash of styles more than evident. Inevitably down to the fifth end on a long night, 5-4 ahead at the change of ends, and they didn't win another rally. That'll be 6-4 to us and consolidate our Etihad-esque position.