EDitorial ± 5-Mar-2012

TT1112, Week 22

Up to the Dome on a foul night to wrestle the Wrens. Sure, we had some good games ourselves, but by far the better stuff was happening in the Premier league match (Cuckoos v. Flamingos) on the other tables. They're in a different league, you know.

Wrens tonight are three lads, Kieran, James and Edgar, who've all got the shots but lack consistency, thankfully for us. In brief:

  • another 10-0 win!

Not quite so brief:

  • straightforward maximums for Ed and Kennedy
  • first maximum of the season for Steve: hugely well-deserved, battling back from being 9-3 down in the deciding 5th end against Kieran to take the next eight points

Easy doubles win for Ed and Kennedy, Steve gracefully declining.