EDitorial ± 17-Apr-2012


Mostly dried out from our fun day out, it's off to deepest Essex for a quiz night. Beth's off to India -- bless -- so the cool college kids are running some fundraising events to help an orphanage over there. Or something like that. First up is a fantastic homemade veggy curry, then we're off. Us four adults are replaying our roles from some years back. Tonight, though, we're aided, if that's the word, by Eldest child of each married couple. Here goes nothing for Beth's Bombay Mix.

Selected questions we did well on:

  • who provided the voice of Doc Hudson in the film Cars?
  • which is the only member country of the EU beginning with "M"?
  • what's the common name for buddleia?
  • in which year did the London Eye open?
  • which two letters are worth eight points in Scrabble?
  • who played Inspector Clouseau in the recent Pink Panther remakes?
  • how many US states begin with the letter "I"?
  • who's the current leading scorer in the Premiership?

Selected questions we did less well on:

  • the London 2012 Olympic games are which Olympiad number?
  • in which year was the Great Train Robbery?
  • which Grand Prix finishing place nets 10 points?
  • how many states are in India?
  • which US state is divided by the Great Lakes?
  • what's the national flower of India?
  • which piece of sporting equipment should measure 65-68mm and weigh 56-59g?

No, we didn't win or even finish top three. Think we were top ten, which was half-decent given the 120 people or so in the room. Fun night out, quizmaster did very well, and the food was excellent. Special mention to Ella for knowing the correct term for an electrical charge. Hint: it starts with "C" and ends with "B".