EDitorial ± 31-Oct-2012

Woodbridge Light Lunches: The Table

There isn't much time -- it's all chop chop busy busy work work bang bang -- but it's Andy's turn to have the car. What's the name of that nearby-ish place where we started this whole light lunch lark? Ah, yes, that Woodbridge. We can be there in 10 if we don't spare the VW horses.

Once upon a time, before the Bridge of Wood sold out to Costa and Nero, there was, on Quay Street, an institution of a restaurant called (a) The Captain's Table. Fishy, I believe, but don't quote me on that. Then the captain, much like him in charge of the Costa Concordia, jumped ship. In its place manifested (b) The Moorish Lounge, with its exotic if sluggishly delivered morsels. Then Othello, the original Moorish captain, fell on his sword. In its place teleported (c) The Table: let us go grab one.

Assumed we'd have the run of the place on a keen half-term Tuesday lunchtime. Very much not so, for the place -- far more of a restaurant than a cafe -- was rocking with LTL, leaving us to squeeze in to the room with the mismatched furniture at the rear. Fentimans dandelion and burdock, ta very much, as the friendly if slightly harried chap takes our orders. And if you can speed up our food, so much the better.

Business is booming today, certainly, and our plates pop up. My curried fishcakes with a handful of leaves and some lemon mayo are rather good. Plus they can be eaten fairly rapidly, unlike Andy's laksa, the spicy noodle soup. It's classy stuff. No time for coffee in a cup, alas, and they don't yet offer takeaway drinks. We console ourselves with takeaway cakes instead, two shared slices of rocky road and carrot cake. That was good, too, albeit wolfed down back in the office. Not cheap, and not a caff, but well worth checking out for a treat.

If it was a car -- Bristol Brigand.
If they were passing by -- June Whitfield.