EDitorial ± 26-Nov-2012

TT1213, Week 10

First of what will be three trips out to Capel. Tonight we're driving at 15mph and peering out the windscreen for signs of a church hall. Not the Methodist church hall, of course -- that's where Capel B play -- but another one, a bit further on, possibly near a dead pub. Ed eventually finds it but My God, It's Full Of Brownies. Ping-pong's upstairs, love. Ah.

They still have Richard and Mark, dating back to the glory days of Burstall village hall with its fabulous wiring, and new-boy old-boy Dave, second in the averages despite being 72 years old. We have our work cut out upstairs with the rain falling outside. In brief:

  • 1/3 for Kennedy with three five-enders, beating Richard, losing to Dave in a tough game, and going down 11-9 to Mark in the 5th end (weirdly symmetrical scoring of 3-11, 11-3, 4-11, 11-4, and 9-11)
  • 1/3 for Ed, also beating Richard but getting nowhere against Mark and losing 3-1 to Dave despite being 10-1 up in the first end
  • 0/3 for Steve, left kicking himself (as per usual) by not converting two or three matchpoints and losing 15-13 in the 5th end to Richard

Doubles not played until about 10:45pm, Mark/Richard proving way better than Kennedy/Ed. So that'll be an awful lot of sweat for a measly 8-2 defeat. They're a good side.