EDitorial ± 15-Jan-2013

Pull Up To The Bumper

Everybody ate together on a chilly Friday evening. Somebody was really tired. Somebody had a friend round who everybody knew. Somebody baked some fab cinnamon rolls. Somebody went to bed not too late leaving somebody downstairs. Somebody wanted to give their friend a lift home. Nobody minded.

Somebody was asleep upstairs under the covers. Somebody got into the car with their friend, started the engine and reversed. Nobody heard a noise. Somebody went into first gear and pulled away. Everybody heard that noise.

Somebody stopped the car and got out. Everybody could see the Mondeo's front bumper in bits on the road. Nobody could miss it. Somebody ran back home. Everybody upstairs heard somebody come back. Everybody tried to calm somebody down. Somebody was in bits like the Mondeo's bumper.

Everybody went out to inspect the damage. Somebody came back inside to find a pen, a piece of paper and a shoelace. Somebody left a note on the icy windscreen. Somebody reattached the bumper with the shoelace. Everybody insisted that somebody get back in the car to take the friend home.

Somebody returned in the car without the friend. Everybody said that it didn't matter that somebody had caused some damage. Everybody was safe. Nobody's fault. Anybody could have done it.