EDitorial ± 26-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 19

Sometimes we don't do ourselves any favours. Last week -- here -- being four games behind, we went ahead with just two players. Late afternoon today came word from Kennedy that he couldn't make it for tonight's game, so that left Steve and Ed to soldier on. We're chucking away points that could, potentially, keep us afloat in division 2.

Moving on, always good to see the chirpy Sparrows in the form of topspin Colin, Fat Controller Mark and killshot Bill. There's even eponymous John, here to spectate and eat digestives. Not much joy in the first half, grabbing only two points. Let's see how it went, in brief:

  • 1/3 for Steve, a hard-earned five set deuce victory over Bill, plus he took an end off Mark
  • 1/3 for Ed, a sweaty straight games win over Bill, then he went and lost a five set epic to Colin

As per last week, doubles team picks itself but it was always going to be tough against Mark 'n' Colin, steady and spinny. Given that there were only the two of us, gotta be reasonably pleased with that 2-8 result.

EDitorial ± 25-Feb-2013

Fredo / Frodo / Freddo

Fredo's Michael's underboss and son of Brando's Vito
Frodo -- Mr Underhill -- travels incognito
Freddo, wrapped and microwaved, becomes a frog burrito

Fredo is the middle bro' -- good heart but weak and dumb
Frodo wanders Middle-earth from Bree to Khazad-dum
Freddo's from the Midlands, Bourneville, Cadbury World in Brum

Fredo, John Cazale, -- so sad, yet Meryl understood
Frodo, who could play him? Blue eyes, short -- Elijah Wood
Freddo flaunts a "V" sign, even veggies find it good

Fredo flops when Vito's popped and, flustered, fails to fire
Frodo, hitting fifty, flogs Bag End and flees the Shire
Freddo now costs 20p, that price gets ever higher

Fredo's bailed out frequently by Tom, consigliere
Frodo forms a fellowship with Pippin, Sam and Merry
Freddo's sub 100 cals of pure confectionery

Fredo snitched: "You broke my heart," says Michael to his face
Frodo Baggins -- hero to the ancient Hobbit race
Freddo's best straight from the fridge -- store in a cool dry place

Fredo, much like Play Doh, ends up wasted in a tub
Frodo feels the spider's sting when half-killed by Shelob
Freddo's far more chocolatey than Penguin, Twix or Club

Fredo and Pacino shared a Dog Day Afternoon
Frodo's stabbed but lives -- his mithril shirt makes him immune
Freddo forced out brother Taz, that devilish Looney Tune

Fredo's films are fodder for the film aficionado
Frodo, though afraid, bears ring to Mordor with bravado
Freddo, you can buy online when shopping with Ocado

Fredo Corleone has the daddy of all dads
Frodo battles ruffians and orcs and other cads
Freddo bar won't fill you up so great for hungry lads
Ferodo write their name on bridges -- best for disc brake pads

EDitorial ± 22-Feb-2013

Light Lunches: Crabtrees, Hadleigh

I've been putting in some serious hours recently. No, srsly. Time, then, for a day off in the lieu. Can't spend all day in there though -- clearly that would be wrong on a single level -- and optimum conditions for another mystery mealtime word- beginning- with- m- meaning- outing, a la Bungay. Always wanted to use the phrase "a la Bungay". Not to be confused with Ali Bongo.

Right turn at the lights and out past posho Hintlesham Hall, home of the helipad: kids, we're here! Road zags and zigs before the B1070 turn-off. Happily we're in Hadleigh and the car parking (round the back of the Co-op) is free for up to 3 hours. Windblown walk to the high street and left into "The Coffee Tavern", possibly better known as Crabtrees. We number four: we watch as the lady who nipped in ahead of us takes the table-for-four by the window, seemingly for herself. D'oh. This is awkward. Then a v. nice lady pays it forward and escorts her party of five from the large table by the other window: yay, we're in and don't need to head back into the freezy cold!

Classy old building, this, with tables front and back, all of them occupied at this precise mo'. Here's the menu -- a big ol' book -- plus a handful of blackboarded one-offs for those with specials needs. Three-quarters of us go for the baguette option (egg mayo, BLT) and cheeky chips on the side while G. is terribly grown-up with her hummous and pitta. Proper glass bottles of Coke keep us going, while The Boy stays busy with a whopping cream-topped strawberry milkshake. Grub takes a while, understandably, but gets the fab Macca thumbs-up. The Boy manages to find fault with his sausages (hold the caramelized onions) which are "too hot".

Like the dudes they are, Crabtrees does the odd gig, too, of a Friday night. Helps that they have a licence for the demon drink. We have to demonstrate further patience afore we can order cake, for we must have cake. While The Boy brownies down, the other three of us stare skywards at our "slices" of Victoria sponge and carrot cake, great gridirons not seen since JaCey's. Two half-slices of lovely light carrot cake are smuggled away into napkins for much much later. Creamy cappuccino, too. Reluctantly we leave, larger.

If it was a car -- Hendon 1938 Crab Car.
If they were passing by -- Marcia Wallace.

EDitorial ± 20-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 18

It seemed nippy enough for the game last week. Turns out that was totally tropical compared to the windchill out there tonight en route to the Thunderdome. My word.

I wonder if tonight's opponents ever dream they're an eagle? For that is the name of their team. When we played 'em first time around back in a much milder October, we snatched a draw. Tonight, though, John's out in favour of their top player Kevan -- gulp -- plus there's Chinese Ray and Guess Who Rob. And only Ed and Kennedy. Ain't gonna be pretty. In brief:

  • 0/3 for Kennedy -- first time this season -- managing just a single end in three bruising encounters
  • 0/3 for Ed -- second time this season -- losing an epic game v. Rob by 17-15 in the fifth end then going downhill from there

Only the doubles to play, 9-0 to them despite our huffin' and puffin'. Team picks itself -- step forward Ed and Kennedy -- and we win in straight games to claim a consolation point. Outclassed this evening, truth be told, by the top of the table team.

EDitorial ± 12-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 17

Bloomin' freezing tonight. Not too clever outside the TT hut, either. You'll warm up once you run around a bit, you say to yourself. There won't be too much sweat tonight, that's for sure.

Last time around, down at that there Rosary, we came away with all of three lousy points, Ed contributing precisely zero to that total. Hoping for better luck tonight against diabetic John, choppy Colin and spinny serve Adrian. In brief:

  • 1/3 for Ed, taking revenge against Adrian but getting nowhere against Colin or John
  • 1/3 for Steve, playing a blinder -- again -- to beat Adrian and, once more, go 2-0 up against John before losing in five
  • 2/3 for Kennedy, also beating Adrian and claiming a very good point from John

Fun doubles for Ed and Kennedy but lost 3-1, Ed serving off the end of the table like an eejit. Finished 4-6, one better than last time, though could have done with that extra point for the draw.

EDitorial ± 8-Feb-2013

Woodbridge Lunches: East Coast Diner

We're back, Back, BACK in the 'Bridge. Let's say you drew a line from the Wild Strawberry down to the Riverside Kiosk, then another from Frangipani along to Costa. With me? You'd have the shape of a cross. Towards the centre of your etching would be The Cross, est 1652. Only The Cross ain't no more, no sir. It's now the East Coast Diner, woot.

If it's hip and happening, we're already there, asking them to please turn it down a bit we can't hear ourselves think thank you kindly. I say we -- in fact, as I saunter in, Andy's already there lifting his Fentiman's cherry cola, a somewhat overpriced £3.50, yikes. In need of vitamins, I have the £3 juice, a fresh blend of apple, carrot and beetroot. With a soupcon of ginger, I'm transported back to the heady days of Avi's Carrot Cake.

Hot food on offer comprises posh pizza, gourmet burgers or hot dogs. Latter for both of us: "Pimp Steak" for him, "Big Frank" for me. Yes please, glam waitress, we'll have everything on the side. Ample space in here, not only the corner bit visible from the junction but goes back a fair way too. Ooh, grub's up, presented in a basket with a generous amount of skinny fries, most welcome on such a cold day. Condiments of the house and coiled paper menus are stylishly presented in, er, a bucket on the table. That's either horribly naff or terribly on trend. Our frankfurters have been trained by Barbara Woodhouse, they're such good dogs. good times.

With a central bar offering both cocktails and mocktails plus the odd DJ night, this ain't your run of the Tide Mill Woodbridge venue, daddio. All fab and groovy, innit. Cruel hands of time are running down and forcing us back to the workplace as we order dessert. I have to bolt my macchiato (comes in a glass?!) -- not ideal way to drink it, but my, that's a shot. As we did at The Table, it's pudd to go. Mid-afternoon, that cheesecake was muchly appreciated. Summary: I'll be going again and taking the kids with me.

If it was a car -- Black '55 Chevy.
If they were passing by -- Adam Richman.

EDitorial ± 6-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 16

Foul night -- cold + wind + rain -- so we're grateful to be playing inside the very centrally located Manor Club. Grateful, too, to actually get a game, the last couple of matches having been called off.

All of us a bit rusty, then, as we face three members of the Williams clan: dad Winsley, limping with his bad foot, brother Michael, quiet but solid, and son Martin from down the Co-op. Back in October we scraped a draw. Tonight? Well, in brief:

  • 2/3 for Ed, going down 3-1 to Michael
  • 2/3 for Kennedy, ditto
  • 0/3 for a disappointed Steve

Long night: we were still playing game 7 when the division 1 players on the other side of the net were playing doubles. Talking of which, a poor show from Kennedy and Ed gave them another point and the win. Not great.