EDitorial ± 26-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 19

Sometimes we don't do ourselves any favours. Last week -- here -- being four games behind, we went ahead with just two players. Late afternoon today came word from Kennedy that he couldn't make it for tonight's game, so that left Steve and Ed to soldier on. We're chucking away points that could, potentially, keep us afloat in division 2.

Moving on, always good to see the chirpy Sparrows in the form of topspin Colin, Fat Controller Mark and killshot Bill. There's even eponymous John, here to spectate and eat digestives. Not much joy in the first half, grabbing only two points. Let's see how it went, in brief:

  • 1/3 for Steve, a hard-earned five set deuce victory over Bill, plus he took an end off Mark
  • 1/3 for Ed, a sweaty straight games win over Bill, then he went and lost a five set epic to Colin

As per last week, doubles team picks itself but it was always going to be tough against Mark 'n' Colin, steady and spinny. Given that there were only the two of us, gotta be reasonably pleased with that 2-8 result.