EDitorial ± 25-Apr-2013

TT1213, Week 4

OK. Final game of the season. We're in the how-did-we-get-here position of needing to win this 10-0 in order to guarantee remaining in div 2. That's really not going to happen given the quality of the opposition, our buddies from Capel.

Turning out tonight are Levi Strauss Matt, Mitre James, and, in a change from last week, Marcus Evans Ben. Game started late -- wrong turn for Kennedy and Ed en route -- and didn't get any earlier as we went on. In brief:

  • 0/3 for Ed, on the wrong end of multiple deuces and underperforming
  • 0/3 for Steve, making Ben and Matt work hard for five-end games
  • 3/3 for Kennedy -- star of the night, digging in hard to pip Matt and James in more five-enders

Way past 11pm before the doubles started. Steve generously opted to score leaving Ed and Kennedy to battle James and Matt. Another five-ender, of course, match completing sometime around 11:30pm with E&K emerging victorious for a change. A few more doubles wins and we wouldn't be staring relegation in the face. Been a tough season.