EDitorial ± 17-Sep-2013

Bit Disappointing

In the plus column, 32pt bold purple, I can easily tell you the birthdays of younger sister, older brother and my Mum. In the minus column, 8pt Zapf Dingbats, I have my Dad's birthday narrowed down to one of four possible dates: either the 15th or 16th of September or October. One of those, for sure.

As the first of those days approached last week, I thought I'd do the decent thing and offer to take out Ma & Pa for a bite to eat. Saturday would be good. Maybe after afters, to walk it off, we could find a nearby property taking part in Heritage Open Days. That, to me, is a fully-fledged plan. Elroy Jetson-like, off went a text to Mater:

Lunch out somewhere on Sat for Dad's birthday?

Sneakily, not only did I hope to (a) get the nod for the outing but also (b) confirm the date of the big day. Beep-beep:

Good idea

Oh well: part (a) achieved. But where to go? Down to Felixstowe, over to Woodbridge, or further afield in Suffolk? It'd be good to "do" somewhere not yet officially done by the Light Lunch duo. Somewhere that could accommodate a bunch of us. Somewhere a little off the beaten track. Got it: Sizewell Beach Cafe.

Not absolutely certain that they offer hot meals, I did a quick Google. Top of the list was a TripAdvisor link. That should suffice. Ranked 2 of 7 restaurants in Leiston. Fair enough. 91% recommend. Great. Most recent review, however, wasn't too favourable:

We visited the Sizewell Tea cafe today and had fish and chips. It was perfectly edible but the fish was almost flat, no body to it. Bit disappointing. Not good value I'm afraid.

Can't please everyone. Probably one of the green ink brigade with nothing better to do. Then I saw the review date: 12-Sep-2013. And then I spotted the author: my Mum.

Note to self for next year: 16th September.