EDitorial ± 22-Oct-2013

TT1314, Week 5

A mild evening. Jug of water up on the filing cabinet. Blackcurrant squash available on request. Clean-ish colourful kids' cups from which to drink. Even a hint of M&S biscuits to come, on offer to guests -- obviously -- and winners. Time for a thorough warm-up with Andy, Yang and Ed, everyone looking sharp. All is set for the big match.

Into our manor walk representatives of the Manor Club, namely wake-up Winsley, mellow Michael and cordial Kevin. That's a strong line-up, and, like last week, another team who got relegated alongside our underachieving selves. In brief:

  • only 1/3 for Andy, winning in straight ends against Winsley before 3-1 defeats to the other two
  • only 1/3 for Ed, winning an epic opening encounter against Martin then resting on his laurels to lose to Kevin and caving in against Winsley: poor
  • maximum 3/3 for Yang -- star of the night! -- also beating Martin in five ends and landing an impressive hat-trick

Andy valiantly stepped aside for Ed and Yang to do the doubles, again. Once more, however, they threatened to win before snatching defeat. Still, 5-5 draw against Manor, mostly thanks to Yang: we'll take it.