EDitorial ± 15-Jan-2014

TT1314, Week 13

All stars are distant. Some can barely be seen, while others gleam and sparkle: those are the Bright Stars. See, how they shine for you?

Back, back, back to our opening match of the season in a galaxy far, far away. Defiants took the honours that night having blown up the opponent's Death Star. Well, having won more games than lost. Since then the dark forces have regrouped and they've flown their starfighters over to Adastral to seek revenge. There's Vader (dad Nigel), Leia (daughter Hannah) and Maul (Warren). In brief:

  • nebulous 1/3 for Yoda (Yang), on the wrong end of light sabre duels against Vader and Maul
  • cloudy 1/3 for Chewbacca (Andy), defeated in multiple pod races
  • galactic 2/3 for Luke (Ed), once he'd finally beamed aboard, defeated by Maul's double ended sabre but returning to outwit Darth in some epic encounters

There can only be one winner -- the power of good -- when Yoda and Luke fight side by side, using the force to overthrow the Darth duo. These were the doubles players you were looking for.