EDitorial ± 11-Feb-2014

TT1314, Week 17

Rain. So much rain. Hugely fortunate that the Princely sport... Hold up. That sneaky little upper case "P" alludes to The Purple One, the artist formerly known as etc. Who, it was revealed this week, is a big fan of the bat and the ball, much like your man Damon Albarn. Where were we? Ah, yes, that this is (largely) an indoor game. Tonight we voted to keep the retractable roof in place. Insert witty Prince track reference here if you can think of one.

Big guns out tonight -- Ed and Yang -- plus Kev, who's been benched for the last couple of matches. Sailing up the Martlesham estuary this evening are those Wrens. Still just the triad of hollowbat Ed(gar), beardy Mike and thwackit Anton. In brief:

  • disappointing 1/3 for Kev, doing well to get pask Mike but going down 3-2 to Anton after being 2-0 up (weird incident in final end when Anton queried score mid-serve then tried to claim point)
  • pleasing 3/3 for Yang, yay!, esp. beating Anton in straight ends
  • pleasing 3/3 for Ed, yay!, not losing an end to Mike or Edgar but then recovering from 2-1 down to edge out Anton

Given Kev's puppydog eyes, Yang had little choice but to step aside and let Kev and Ed do the doubles. Looked like it was slipping away before the boys fetched their shovels and dug in, triumphing in the final end. Jolly decent 8-2 victory for team Defiants. Hoorah!