EDitorial ± 11-Mar-2014

TT1314, Week 21

(guest review by Andy Cassy: thanks, Andy!)

Well, the score card says it all.

Having lost 4-6 away to Triers we needed a draw or better to ensure we end in top 3. So some strategic decisions were made to choose our star team [ED: you sure about this?] and it paid off.

Young Yang — started the night by crushing Chris; vanquished Vinod; and allowed Alison to take an end before he topped out and politely retired to enjoy the rest of the evenings entertainment

Amateurish Andy — tricky first match against Alison, the league's most played player, coming back from behind to snatch the first two ends, wobbling on 3rd and 4th games, before finally winning out; gave Chris a good game (who amazingly served four net serves straight!); and made a meal of defeating vulnerable Vinod

Steady Steve — struggled a little to beat Alison in four ends and smashed the other two.

Defiant Doubles — Yang kindly allowed Steve and Andy to put their lunchtime practice session to the test and topped out the night for another 10-0 win, leaving us (temporarily) on top of the division and ensured our place in top 3...