EDitorial ± 7-Oct-2014

TT1415, Week 3

Only week three and Ed's sitting this one out. Poor fella needs a sit-down what with his 83% record thus far. Well, that's one way of looking at it. Defiants strict rotation system means that not everyone plays all the time, hence Steve and Yang are joined by that young whippersnapper Natalie (now injury free) for the first time.

Britannia thunderdome acts as the venue encore une fois, being home to the preying Buzzards comprising the older and younger Brians and laugh-a-minute net-bothering Peter (previously). You'd imagine it would be tight. In brief:

  • back on form 2/3 for Yang but losing in three tight games to Brian J
  • back on form 2/3 for Steve but losing in three tight games to Brian J
  • fab 3/3 for in-form Natalie, undoubted star of the night, who was 9-0 up on Peter in the final end before beating him 11-2

Doubles went all the way. Sadly, that was the wrong way. House points to everyone concerned for an impressive 7-3 victory.