EDitorial ± 21-Oct-2014

TT1415, Week 5

Team was Ed, Yang and Steve. Yang pulled out on Monday lunchtime. Ed mailed Alison. Alison was playing for her own team. Ed phoned Bob to cancel match. Bob none too happy. Alison mailed Ed. Her game had been cancelled. She was free to play. Ed phoned Bob to reinstigate match. Bob happy.

So that's Alison, currently underperforming member of the newly formed BT Thunderbirds, joining Ed and Steve for another Rosary game. True blue last week, mellow yellow this week. Here's biker Bob, attending as a spectator only, to watch his teammates tricky Tony, tablethumping Dave and thwacking Clive (previously). In brief:

  • good 1/3 for Steve, doing well to beat Clive 3-1 but edged out by Dave
  • handy 1/3 for Alison, digging in to secure victory against Clive 11-9 in the fifth and final end
  • satisfactory 2/3 for Ed, beating both Clive and awkward Dave after going into a fifth end against Tony, being 5-0 up at the change then losing 11-6

Singles done and 4-5 down to the yellers. Step forward Ed and Steve to play some half-decent shots, Steve landing a couple of fine smashes, to grab that extra point and thereby obtain the draw. Good evening's work.