EDitorial ± 14-Nov-2014

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Jack's

Kev's the man. Well, Kev's a man. Specifically, he's our man in the 'Stowe. It was Kev who tipped us the wink about Cafe On The Corner. It was Kev who happened to mention Winnies. It was Kev who slipped us a note about Crafty Coffee. And yet we have to learn about a not-even-new place from the Visit Felixstowe website? Poor. We will have words.

Completely unrelated to the above, Kev won't be joining us today in his very own backyard. Me and Andy nip out in the 'leccy car (clap clap) for a planet-saving yet remarkably nippy trip down past the Peewit, near McDonald's, and across the crossing to a prime parking spot on Beach Station Road. To our right and apparently still proud purveyors of pies and potatoes is Cafe 7. To our left is Jack's -- not that one -- which, unknown to the K-man, has been here or hereabouts for a few years. Blackboard promises "oven baked jacket potatoes, freshly filled hot paninis and hot or cold fresh baguettes." Quality bunting spells out their name, a jolly touch of the seaside.

That beach-hutty theme continues inside with dressers offering mugs, napkins and model yachts. From the handwritten menu, Andy goes for the big breakfast and is presented with a generously portioned stylish black plate, easily dominating my comparatively weedy bacon baguette. A lesser man may have come unstuck with a tricky ketchup sachet: not I. All very friendly in here and the people serving seem to know everyone coming in through the door. They pretty much predict what the trio of young ladies will be ordering, and Jack's apparently does lots of mobile business on the docks. Busy today, they say.

Best moment comes when I stride up to the counter and, quoting from the drinks menu, order a cafe au lait. Says the lady, what's that? Oh, Felixstowe, you're the greatest. Says I, white coffee. Thought as much, she says, and does me a not-half-bad cup of frothiness. Tea bread on the side is a tad unusual and darn good. Local fliers abound, regulars enter and exit, gossip is exchanged. Salt of the earth, caffs like Jack's.

If it was a car -- Commer Cob.
If they were passing by -- Jack Whitehall.