EDitorial ± 6-Jan-2015

TT1415, Week 12

A brand new year! Quarter-past eight in the evening! If we're honest, it was a somewhat underwhelming end to 2014 for the Defiants, scraping only four of the 20 points available from our last two matches. It's gonna be tight down the bottom of division 2 so some points would be handy. Alas, Natalie's doing exams and Steve's done his leg in. Fortunately Alison's been good enough to join Ed and Yang again. Here goes nought.

What with this being the second half of the season, we're now playing the first half's fixtures in reverse. Step forward the Petrels. Only powerful Peter remains from our original game back in September, now joined by two ex-Merlins, ex-BT Mick and lefty Andrea. In brief:

  • decent 1/3 for Alison, beating Mick in straight ends
  • OK 1/3 for Yang, doing the same with an epic 19-17 third end
  • excellent 3/3 for Ed, doing enough to beat Mick before outlasting both Andrea and Peter (revenge!) in two sweaty five-enders

All of which guaranteed not losing, an enviable position going into the doubles. Alison generously stepped aside only to see Ed and Yang go 2-0 down before rallying to a late victory, making it a satisfactory 6-4 on the night. Good start, team.