EDitorial ± 19-Aug-2015

Ipswich Lunches: Fishface

Remember that time we turned up at an eatery only to find out that it was no longer there? True, that happened only last week at the dead Darsham Halfway, but there was that earlier occasion when we missed the Bubble Tea Lounge by a fortnight. No Taiwanese milk-based drinks for us, no sir.

Believe what you like about the state of Ipswich town centre -- there ain't no shops left! -- but there do exist brave new businesses giving it a go. One such enterprise is Fishface, purveyors of painted furniture and floggers of fabrics, who've taken over the old BTL stroke Clovers premises in The Walk (opposite the old Orangery). Been here since October 2014, apparently. Most of the ground floor (one of three, natch) is given over to a cafe. Ashamed to say I didn't know this until a recent tip-off. Very poor on my part.

Seating befits the establishment with shabby chic tables (hello, Wigglywoo's) front and back among the rocking horses, Audrey cushions and chalk paint. Paninis and soups are up for grabs. Eye can't get past the promise of a bean salad, however, while Andy opts for a feta slice with chutney. Tastefully relaxing atmosphere among the arty paraphernalia, sitting and sipping a classy Fentimans Rose Lemondade with crooning over the speakers. Food's here soon enough. I could probably eat several mixing bowls of assorted borlottis, pintos and chick peas, though this comes with crunchy leaves, a sun-dried tomato or two and some dressing. Tasty combo.

Fifteen minutes parking left at single storey Crown Street leaves us a handy dessert slot. Always a pleasure to have to choose from a wide selection of cakes which cover the FF counter. Pecan pie, please, and an almond twist will do us rather nicely. Maybe I should leave off ordering a macchiato (previously) since that can result in confusion for all concerned. My frothed coffee still packs a welcome punch, though. Plus there's comfy sofas and some outside seating. Quality pla(i)ce, that Fishface.

If it was a car -- Plymouth Barracuda.
If they were passing by -- Alex Salmond.