EDitorial ± 3-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 7

Weird old season thus far. Play a week, skip a week and never really get going. Would be good to have a solid run of Bryant and Mays. Match me, Sidney!

Home on the Adastral range ce soir and is it me or is it a tad warm in here? Being a Tuesday, Yang's not in the gang so up steps trusty sub Alison who managed to net a couple of valuable points for us last year. And, in doing so, may have kept us up in div 2. Makes a player think, to be sure.

Blue is the colour of Rosary tonight with their previous line-up of oh Phil, skinny Matt and Numanoid Adrian In brief:

  • good 2/3 for Ed, recovering some form after last week's duck
  • poor 0/3 for Steve, not really at the races compared to last week's brace
  • disappointing 0/3 for Alison, losing to Matt in the final end

Alison opted out of the doubles but Ed and Steve were no match for the Essex pairing of Phil and Matt. Four games, four defeats.