EDitorial ± 20-Nov-2015

Woodbridge Lunches: Pizza I Paella

Eejit that I am, I made the schoolboy error of taking Andy's "10 minutes" at face value when really I should have treated that figure as if it were emerging from my own lips. Mathematically questionable, it should be taken as "at least 15 minutes". Which left muggins standing awkwardly in the works car park freezing my butt off and trying to treat my phone like a pocket heater. However, Mrs Sarah Dippity came a calling in the form of a timely tweet from the Riverside:

Five minutes later we were whizzing Woodbridge-wards in the 'Wagen. There, in the space where the restaurant owner usually parks his voiture de choix, sat a bright orange tent. Waddya know, they were still firing up the wood fired oven and suggested we head to the bar for ten minutes. On a Friday, that's a suggestion you'll take. Pleasantly warm inside slurping a sophisticated pink lemonade, made better still by the maitre d' agreeing that we could eat our takeaway goodies (not yet ordered) there at the bar. Grazie.

After killing some time, I headed back out to find the blackboard: margarita pizza £5, vegetarian £6, pepperoni or chorizo £7. No paella until late afternoon, sadly. Two meaty pizzas, per favore. In again, chat a bit, wait for the sign then out again to pick up the goods. Freshly made piping hot 10-inch beauties straight out of a French holiday camp. Hard to beat, non? Barely touched the sides with various Riverside staff more than expressing an interest.

Already well ahead this particular Friday, we ensured the victory by hanging around for an excellent jolt handmade by the barista guy behind the bar. So, no idea if they'll be back at all but well recommended if you catch an orangey glimpse and smell hot rosemary.

If it was a car -- Giottiline Ginko.
If they were passing by -- Gianfranco Zola.